Are you ready for a cutting-edge
green building?

Stephenson Engineering is ready to provide you and your clients with a sustainable building design approach. Our objective is to bring innovative solutions that are energy efficient and cause lower impacts to our environment. We are uniquely positioned to assist in the development of sustainable and cutting-edge green building technologies.

Stephenson Engineering has significant experience in sustainable project management including LEED project management and certification, LEED Durable Building Envelope design and review, Building Envelope Commissioning, Toronto Green Standard certification (TGS) as well as Green Globes Certification.  

We have a number of staff who are LEED® certified to various levels and members of the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC), and we are well equipped to design to LEED® Green Building design standards.

Notable Projects

 BMW Canada Headquarters
•  Capital Pointe Condominium
•  AeroCentre V
•  1128 Yonge Street Office

Project Examples
Example of bird friendly glazing.
Example of bird friendly glazing
Example of bird friendly glazing.
Example of solar panels installed at the Etobicoke Olympium
Example of green roof design.
Example of green roof design