Structural Consulting

Pictured here are Stephenson staff working in a boardroom attempting to design a roof tile system

Are you ready to bring innovative structural solutions to your project? 

Stephenson Engineering has acquired a superior reputation for excellence in structural consulting. We approach each project as both an exciting challenge and an opportunity to showcase our innovative thinking and collaborative approach regardless of project size or scope.

Working closely with the entire design team, we consistently produce practical, durable, and functional solutions. Our complete solutions complement the original architectural vision, the end-use, the budget, and the construction time frame. Moreover, we are able to objectively evaluate, engineer and integrate the most cost-effective designs for our clients, giving them even greater return on investment.

From the initial consultation to full structural specification to facilitating construction, we offer a complete array of structural design services, including the development of advanced and often groundbreaking solutions when conventional thinking won’t work.

Notable Projects

• One York Street
• LCBO Land Redevelopment
• The Madison Condominiums
• Bay & Scollard Condominium

• Picasso Condominium
• Queen Richmond Centre West

Project Examples
One York Street Sun Life Financial Tower
LCBO Land Redevelopment
The Madison Condominiums