Stephenson Engineering Garners Schreyer Award


QRCW Wins Again!
Stephenson Engineering is very pleased to announce that the Queen Richmond Centre West has garnered the prestigious Schreyer Award from the Canadian Consulting Engineering. The project also received the coveted Award of Excellence. Stephenson would like to extend our gratitude to the awards co-submitter Carlos de Oliveira from CAST CONNEX. In addition Stephenson Engineering would like to thank the whole team comprised of, Allied Properties REIT, Sweeny &Co Architects, Eastern Construction, Walters Group.

About the Structural Design
Queen Richmond Centre West is a brilliant example of adaptive re-use of two existing heritage buildings into the construction of a new 11-storey office building above the existing structures. The new tower springs from a tabletop that spans above both buildings 70-feet above street level and is perched atop three architecturally exposed structural steel Mega Delta-Frames. The innovative Mega Delta-Frames create a soaring open air atrium that sets this development apart from any other.

A Call to Innovation
Stephenson Engineering has been delivering creative and innovative solutions in design, costs, appearance, and building performance for over 46 years. We are pioneering unparalleled linkage between client outcomes and construction possibilities. Feel free to contact our Principals or Associates to learn how we can provide innovative results like Queen Richmond Centre West for your projects.