Example of the timeline of a project from testing to fixing and final repair

Are you ready to bring your building
or structure back to peak condition?

Stephenson Engineering can provide rehabilitation and restoration services for your existing parking garages, bridges, and all types of buildings and structures. We specialize in providing extensive visual investigations and assessments, and can quickly respond to situations that need immediate attention.

How do we extend the life of a building or structure?
Our restoration experts have extensive knowledge of construction materials and their durability. We are able to assess damages and deterioration through investigation, sampling, and non-destructive testing, and then develop appropriate solutions. Our solutions include providing design, specifications, tendering and contract administration.


  • Preliminary and detail design
  • Restoration of parking garages, site pavement, balconies, bridges and heritage buildings
  • Rehabilitation and replacement of masonry
  • Investigation, sampling, destructive, and non-destructive testing
  • Specifications and pre-design reports
  • Tendering
  • Contract administration and field review services

Notable Projects

• 401 and 405 The West Mall
• Pickering GO Parking Garage

• 2808 Keele - Balcony Repairs
• Pearson Airport- 5 Bridges

50 George Street Case Study
Original condition with sinking slab
Slab removed, new helical pile foundation in place
Walls complete, finishing in progress