Physical Condition Assessment

We can help reduce uncertainty regarding your building or structure.

Stephenson Engineering can perform condition assessments to help you and your clients reduce the uncertainty regarding a potential component or system failure within your building or structure. Our team will work to reduce the potential risk that such component or system may not be initially observed.

Condition Assessments also provide a way to track the condition of the building and provide a plan for capital expenditures over the evaluation period. When condition assessments are completed as part of the due diligence process around a purchase or sale, it provides the purchaser a baseline condition of the property and/or building and it provides a plan for capital expenditures over the evaluation period.

Our offering includes a full suite of services including a thorough analysis of site pavement/parking, building structure, building envelope, roofing, vertical transportation, and mechanical and electrical systems functional /code compliance and fire protection/life safety systems (passive systems) .

The end result will be a report outlining the condition and relevance to building codes and standards, customized strategies that are specific to your building, that will assist you in extending the life of the building’s systems, and a comprehensive list of components there by reducing your capital and equipment and an estimate of where they are in their life cycle to assist you in planning for the future.

Notable Projects

• Holland Cross Buildings
• 110 Yonge Street
• 180 Wellington Street West
• 600 Cochrane Drive
• 180 Wellington Street West

Project Examples
Holland Cross Buildings A,B,C, and D
110 Yonge Street
180 Wellington Street West