Our mission is to be your leading provider of
Structural & Building Science services through
innovative ideas and superior customer care.

Stephenson Engineering is ready to provide you with leading edge solutions to bring your project to completion. Our philosophy and dedication result in projects that are economical, sustainable and completed on time and on budget.

Our philosophy is pinned to three attributes. Creativity, Profitability and Scheduling. Stephenson Engineering’s goal is to strike a balance within these three areas based on your project specifications and objectives.


How do we balance creativity
within your project?

  • We bring you creative solutions that are cost effective
  • We provide problem solving while continuing to develop your project
  • Thanks to our BIM team you get newest solutions for your project

How do we balance
your project schedule?

  • We provide a proactive, flexible design process
  • Our team designs your project faster giving you enhanced lead time
  • We quickly develop solutions to ensure you meet deadlines
  • We provide success-driven project management

How do we balance
your projects profits?

  • We provide optimal design & cost saving solutions
  • Our team actively develops ways to maximize your ROI
  • We offer full life cycle asset management