AODA Statement of Commitment

AODA Statement of Commitment and Our Goals For Accessibility

Stephenson Engineering Ltd. is committed to providing all clientele, including those with disabilities in the following areas:

We accommodate clientele with disabilities, by adapting our means of communication, in order to account for their disability All employees, who interact with our clientele, have been trained on how to communicate with those with various disabilities

All employees have been trained to communicate with customers in plain language and to speak slowly and clearly.  The company offers to communicate with clientele by email if telephone communication will not meet their needs.

Assistive Devices
The company serves clientele with disabilities who use assistive devices to obtain our services. All employees have been trained with various assistive devices that may be used by clientele with disabilities when accessing our services.

Accessible invoices will be provided to all clientele. If requested, invoices will be provided in hard copy, digital copy, large print or email.

Service Animals & Support Persons
Clientele with disabilities who are accompanied by a service animal and/or support person will be welcomed at our premises. All employees have been trained in how to interact with clientele who are accompanied by a service animal and/or support person.

Employee Training
All employees will be given training on how to deal with the public. This training will be delivered during the first week of employment.

Training will encompass:

  • The purpose of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 and the requirements of the customer service standard.
  • Dealing with clientele with disabilities who use an assistive devise and/or require the assistance of a service animal or support person
  • Stephenson Engineering Ltd.’s policies relating to the accessibility standard
  • All employees will be trained when changes are made to the policies

Questions About The Policy
Documents are available upon request and the company welcomes feedback on providing goods and services to our clientele with disabilities.

Any questions should be addressed to the Human Resources Department, by phone at (416) 635-9970 extension 103. For information about the AODA in general please visit